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Olympus SP-350 - Digicam

Olympus SP-350 - Digicam

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This Digicam (digital camera) is fully tested, ready to go with a 3 month warranty.

Want a digicam that packs a little more than your standard compact digicam, while still capturing the iconic Y2K aesthetic? Well, you're looking at the camera for you!

The Olympus SP-350 is was designed to be the "enthusiasts dream". Packing more features such as RAW image capturing, a variety of exposure and focus modes, and a hot-shoe. On top of this, the camera has an extremely comfortable grip which makes this camera a lot easier to hold - especially considering its compact size.

This camera packs a punch and is perfect for those who wants to push their photography but still maintain that 2000s aesthetic.

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Functional condition overview:
Fully operational.

  • All functions tested and working
  • All modes tested and working
  • Lens is clear and free of any imperfections that will affect image quality
  • Zoom functions at all focal lengths and zooms smoothly
  • Flash fires and exposes accurately
  • Screen is fully functional
  • Battery terminal is free from damage or corrosion

Cosmetic Condition (does not affect images):
3.5/5 cosmetic condition.

  • Good cosmetic condition with signs of wear

Technical Specs:

  • 8.3 Megapixels
  • 8.0-24mm f/2.8-4.9 (39mm - 156mm equivalent)
  • 3 x Optical Zoom and 5x Digital Zoom
  • RAW Photo, JPEG Photo, and Video Capturing
  • Various Shooting modes including Auto, Self Portrait, and Night Scene
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