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Olympus OM-4 + 50mm f/1.8

Olympus OM-4 + 50mm f/1.8

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Fully film tested, ready to go with a 3 month warranty.

The Olympus OM-4 is one of the last iterations in the renowned OM line, and is one of the finest Olympus SLRs ever produced. The camera features a sophisticated metering system packed in a small yet robust body. The viewfinder is extremely bright and has an informative display, making this camera an absolute joy to use.

This camera was designed for professionals and features a weatherproof body, multi-spot metering, aperture priority, manual mode, and a 1/2000s top shutter speed, just to name a few. This camera is one of the most cable manual film SLRs you'll ever come across.

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Accessories included:

  • Original neck strap

Functional condition overview:
Fully operational.

  • All shutter speeds tested and accurate
  • Light-meter responsive and accurate
  • Aperture priority exposes accurately
  • No prism corrosion
  • New light seals
  • Self-timer functional
  • Lens is clear and free of any imperfections that will affect image quality
  • Lens aperture blades are smooth
  • Focusing is smooth

Cosmetic Condition (does not affect images):
4.5/5 cosmetic condition.

  • Amazing cosmetic condition!
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