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Olympus Camedia D-540 Zoom - Digicam

Olympus Camedia D-540 Zoom - Digicam

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This Digicam (digital camera) is fully tested, ready to go with a 3 month warranty.

The Olympus Cambodia D540 is a compact digicam powered by two AA batteries. It's nice and easy to use, packs a built in flash, and a variety of modes. The camera even features a real-image optical viewfinder which you can look through when it's too bright to see the screen!

This camera captures images with the early 2000s aesthetic that everyone loves! It's is perfect for beginners and is ready for all your adventures!

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Functional condition overview:
Fully operational.

  • All functions tested and working
  • All modes tested and working
  • Lens is clear and free of any imperfections that will affect image quality
  • Zoom functions at all focal lengths and zooms smoothly
  • Flash fires and exposes accurately
  • Screen is fully functional
  • Battery terminal is free from damage or corrosion

Cosmetic Condition (does not affect images):
4.5/5 cosmetic condition.

  • Amazing cosmetic conditions with virtually no signs of wear

Technical Specs:

  • 3.2 Megapixels
  • 5.8-17.4mm f/2.6-4.3 Zoom Lens (35 - 105mm equivalent on full frame)
  • 3 x Optical Zoom and 3.3x digital zoom
  • Photo and Soundless Video Capturing
  • Various Shooting modes including Macro
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