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Canon 310XL- Super 8 Camera

Canon 310XL- Super 8 Camera

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Fully film tested, ready to go with a 3 month warranty.

This Canon 310XL is one of the finest that we’ve come across - it’s in absolutely beautiful condition!

The Canon 310XL is everything you want in a Super 8 camera - stylish, easy to use, and easy to take anywhere with it’s foldable handle! The camera features a crazy f/1.0 lens - the fastest in the world at the time! This makes this Super 8 camera great for low light and indoor videography!

The camera features a 3 x zoom, which can be controlled manually or electronically. The Canon 310XL is powered by 2 AA batteries, meaning that batteries for the camera are never far from reach!

This Super 8 camera is ready to video all of your adventures on film!

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Camera Specifications and Features:

  • Focal length & Speed: 8.5- 25.5mm f/1.0 (13 elements in 11 groups). Spectra-coating.
  • Zooming Ratio: 3 x
  • Focusing: Manual (Front lens group rotating method) Guess Focusing, 1.2 m to infinity
  • Zoom: Power zooming and manual zooming
  • Exposure Control: TTL Servo EE with a CdS exposure meter. Automatic aperture setting coupled to loaded film speed and filming speed. Built-in sliding type exposure control plate.
  • Viewfinder Information: Under exposure warning mark, film transport indicator, battery check lamp and macro indication
  • Filming speed: 18 fps and single frame
  • Built in CCA Filter (can be manually set or cancelled)
  • Film speed: Automatic ISO setting.
    • Tungsten type film: ISO 40, 160 and 250
    • Daylight type film: ISO 25, 100 and 160
  • Power source: two AA batteries

Functional condition overview:
Fully operational.

  • All functions tested and working
  • Lens is clear and free of any imperfections that will affect image quality
  • Power zoom functions well
  • Automatic exposure accurate
  • Battery terminal is free from damage or corrosion
  • Zoom and focus rings are smooth

Cosmetic Condition (does not affect images):
4.5/5 cosmetic condition.

  • Amazing cosmetic condition with no noticeable signs of wear

Handy Tip: When using Super 8 cameras, the “zoom-in” focusing technique is often the most effective, as is with this camera. To do so, zoom all the way into your subject that you want to focus on, adjust your focus, then zoom back out and compose your shot!

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