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500T Vision 3 - 35mm Film by URBAN SEVEN SUPPLY

500T Vision 3 - 35mm Film by URBAN SEVEN SUPPLY

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Cinematic aesthetic, fine grain, and extremely versatile. We love this film so much that we had to share it with you!

This film is respooled cinema film, meaning that it produces cinematic colours with a nostalgic and dreamy feel. The film roll is DX coded, meaning that you can load it straight into a point and shoot and it's good to go - no manual exposure adjustment required!

Our partners at URBAN SEVEN VISUALS primarily use this film stock for their professional shoots, so you know that this film delivers stunning images!

Where can I develop this film?

We recommend sending your film to HALIDE SUPPLY for development, as they have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to properly process ECN-2 film stocks such as this one! Otherwise, any film lab that can develop ECN-2 film will be able to develop this film too! Check out our Australian Film Lab Guide to find a suitable film lab for you.

Details for film nerds like us:

  • Base film stock: Kodak Vision 3 500T (5219/7219) cinema film
  • Process: ECN-2
  • This film stock has a remjet layer. It must be removed before processing in C-41
  • Colour balance: Tungsten (3200K)
  • DX coded for 500 ISO
  • 36 exposures
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